Fabiana Milazzo, Brazilian fashion designer, opened her doors of her first international store in Los Angeles, on Melrose Place in March 2017. The designer created a project “Income for Women” in partnership with the NGO “Ação Moradia” (Housing Action), featured on CNN.

The project aims to strengthen familial bonds between mothers and their children, without neglecting the substantial need for them to generate an income for their families. It seeks to improve the quality of life for families from vulnerable social situations in one of the most underprivileged neighbor-hoods of Uberlandia, MG – Brazil. It professionally equips these mothers with classes in embroidery, clothing customization and communal entrepreneurship.

Beyond a technical education, there will be working aspects in regard to financial management in order to prepare them with skills for the job market, with an entrepreneurial vision that will last for life. During the course, the mothers will be able to bring their children to the institution with them, thus avoiding having the children stay on the streets, subject to delinquency. “We know that this is one of the major problems confronting these mothers, as many are not able to work without someone to stay with their children”, says Fabiana.

After graduating, the embroiderers will have full support to exercise their profession and receive a sustainable income, the opportunity to join the Community for the Production of Embroidery, which operates within the NGO “Ação Moradia”. Similar to the resources available during the course term, there will be a space to bring their children, where they can participate in various educational and recreational activities such as soccer, computer or art classes. Both the mothers and their children will receive three meals a day while at the NGO.

“Feminine empowerment, the attainment of self-esteem and a better socio-economic position are all positive consequences of this collaboration that will very much elevate the lives of these women and their families.” adds Fabiana.

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