Joinville is the largest and richest city of Santa Catarina. The city is the industrial pole of the State and is a destination that is gaining enough prominence in the realization of events.

The city is large and developed, but retains characteristics of smaller places. Its people are welcoming and the local scenarios are very green, with vast areas of Atlantic Forest very well preserved. The country-side allows a great variety of experiences, in addition to a direct contact with country life.

Besides the industrial vocation, Joinville stands out in the fields of arts and culture, and also gathers modern elements to the tradition of the German colonization. The city develops and enables sustainable projects of various types, related to tourism in regions with nature.

Do not forget to enjoy the scenery from the Mirante de Joinville, located at the highest point of the Morro da Boa Vista, central region of the city. With 250m of height, the viewing spot offers a view of 360 degrees. There they have a platform of 15 m, from where it is impossible not to marvel at the beauties of the city.

Another very interesting point is Estrada Bonita (Beautiful Road), which as its name proclaims, is a compendium of natural beauty and charm. With its timber framing houses, it looks like a colony of German immigrants of the 19th century. There you will be delighted with a reinforced colonial breakfast (breads, cheeses, pastries, preserves and many other delicacies), in addition to purchasing homemade products such as jellies, liqueurs, and molasses.

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