This giant island in the State of Pará has about 40,000 square meters, includes 12 municipalities and is an eccentric destination in the north of the country. Located on the Amazon river or in the sea, the local beaches bring visitors from far away in search of warm waters.

The standout beaches are the Praia do Pinheiro (in the municipality of Salvaterra), one of the most beautiful, the Praia do Pesqueiro, (in Soure), with the best infrastructure and the Praia Grande de Salvaterra, which becomes the main meeting point of the island during the dry season. Laying

beside the praia de Água Boa (The aptly named Good Water beach), there’s an igarapé (rainforest waterway) with the same name, in which you can take a refreshing bath and eat roasted fresh fish right as it is caught!

The Pantanal area of the island can be accessed by the farms that receive tourists for their adventures. During the rainy season, the huge lakes form an ecological sanctuary where birds, butterflies, aquatic plants, fish, alligators, sloths and buffaloes live. Buffaloes are the symbols of the island. Raised to roam free, they are part of the scenery of the immense plains and of the small urban centers, serving as taxi, police mounts or wagon pullers. Of course Marajó’s gastronomy is strongly influenced by this breading: milk, butter and meat are local delicacies for all to enjoy.


The Berço da civilização marajoara (Cradle of the marajoara civilization) (an ancient people who lived on Marajó island), the millennial handicraft of the island delights everyone with its beautiful jugs, vases and urns. No wonder the marajoara pottery is known all over the world. But that is not the only cultural manifestation of Marajó. Carimbó, lundu and siriá, dances with African, indigenous and Lusitanian roots, cheer up the local festivals.

There’s also a road map for the more adventurous. Marajó offers walks in the jungle, horseback riding on the farms, cycling on the beaches and surfing on the pororoca, a wave phenomenon, caused by the marriage of the river with the sea.

Marajó island is a destination that is able to combine rivers and the sea, beaches, mangroves, adventure and relaxation all in one place, with an exotic flavor, impelled by an exuberant culture.


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