Since mid-December last year, there has been much excitement and a frenzy created around a cure for the Covid-19 virus. This was publicized in the form of a two-dose vaccine and Emergency use was granted to first Pfizer and then, Moderna. Under strict state eligibility criteria, photos started to flood social media of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers proudly taking their jabs and showing off their vaccination cards. This was to show the confidence they all had in taking the vaccine first and encouraging others to rely on its safety and efficacy. As I work with my husband in his medical office, I was given the Moderna Vaccine last weekend and the process was speedy and professional. As any other vaccine or medication, there can be side effects and I want to give you tips from my personal experience for pre- and post- Moderna vaccination. (This will be more likely the one given to you as it requires easier storage than the Pfizer one.)

• Eat light meals before and especially after. One of the side effects could be nausea and this will increase if you have an over-full stomach like mine. For my second dose, I will be on soup and broth for the day.

• Rest well before and especially after getting the vaccine. You will now have an antibody-producing body that needs to adjust so you should try not to overdo it. I still do not know why I played those strenuous games of tennis and walked 5 miles!

• Apply ice on the vaccination site at various times throughout the day to alleviate swelling and discomfort. You may not feel anything at all for the first 12 hours but you will want to keep away from people who like to slap you fondly or accidentally on your vaccinated arm. Ouch!

• Take Tylenol to ward off headaches and fever and chills. Again, your body is going into full attack mode and needs a little extra care and help.

• Have a stock of homeopathic tablets for nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fever. Luckily, I had Carbo Vegetalis, Nux Vomica and Belladonna (from Boiron) that I took throughout the day. (If you follow tip number 1 you shouldn’t feel too bad)

• Take a probiotic, like Align or Florastor, if you get stomach upsets. You may lose your appetite. (This was a good thing!)

• Do not plan activities, meetings, sport or important duties for the following day just in case. Fatigue can be another common side effect so keep it light.

• Do not drink alcohol. This should not be a deal breaker! As with antibiotics, alcohol can reduce the efficacy of the vaccine so that is a no-no. I had already taken the oath to be off all alcoholic drinks until my second dose. I will wait to celebrate my Covid-free days in a few weeks’ time.

Many people feel no side effects at all. The good thing is that ALL these side effects are mild and temporary and will eventually pass. I am now better than ever and delighted to have received my first level of protection so I can soon travel safely and hug all my family and friends when they all are vaccinated! Finally, I have been reminded that to get “back to normal” we will all need to be vaccinated, still wear a mask, keep our distance and wash our hands often. We have a long way to go but we must work together as a community and shine our own lights at the end of that tunnel.

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An entrepreneur and public relations consultant from London, England. She studied at Southampton University in the UK and the Sorbonne in Paris. She moved to New York where she manages her event management company, IL2 Productions as well as works with her husband, Dr Albert Levy. She travels frequently between the US, Europe and Brazil and is passionate about music, literature, theatre and languages.

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