Only 70 km from the capital São Paulo, Santos has its own personality and enchants its visitors. The town has important titles, such as the largest beach front garden in the world.

In Santos, you can enjoy a single cove that forms beautiful beaches with clean waters and excellent infrastructure, with a promenade full of kiosks. This lovely postcard scenery is framed by colorful flowerbeds and large bike lanes.

The tourist itinerary of Santos goes beyond its beaches. You can go back to the past, aboard a 19th-century electric cable car and get to know the city’s historic center. The area is very well maintained and an important part of Brazil’s cultural collection. On this incredible ride, you can still visit the Coffee Museum, the Casa do Trem Bélico, the Praça Mauá, the Palácio Saturnino de Brito, the Colosseum Theater, and the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church.

Another interesting tour offered by the city is the tourist route Conheça Santos, which travels past 25 sightseeing locations. It is possible to board and disembark at the attractions along the route, such as the Municipal Aquarium, the Memorial Center of Santos Futebol Clube and the Orchid Garden.

To see Santos from a different perspective and appreciate its underwater beauty, the Marine State Park of Laje de Santos is the ideal place. Forty-five km of coast with visibility up to 30 m deep, the Laje de Santos is considered the best diving point of the state of São Paulo. This tourist hotspot is a true ecological sanctuary that houses fish, turtles and an artificial shipwreck with coral and anemones.


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