Sundaram Tagore Chelsea presents a specially curated selection of rarely seen landscapes by celebrated photographer Sebastião Salgado. This stunning collection of prints comprises work from his noted Genesis series, as well as three images from his newest project in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, which is intended to raise awareness of threats to the region from logging, mining, dam building, cattle and soybean farming and climate change. This is an opportunity to preview work from his next photographic project.

From the ancient basalt columns of Mitsio Island, Madagascar, to sun showers over the Kamchatka Central Valley in Russia, these landscapes pay homage to nature in its original state. Salgado skillfully captures vast and remote realities where nature endures as it existed thousands of years ago. With deeply compelling narratives, these works may be photojournalistic in nature, but technically and compositionally, they stand on their own as masterful works of art. Sebastião Salgado has made it his life’s work to document the impact of globalization on humankind. In the past three decades, he has traveled to more than 100 countries for his photographic projects and devotes years to each series in order to grasp the full scope of his topic. Genesis is Salgado’s third long-term series on global issues, following Workers (1986-1992) and Exodus (1993-1999). Eight years in the making, Salgado calls Genesis his “love letter to the planet.” Currently, he is shooting in the Amazon where he is focusing on indigenous people and their vanishing environment and way of life.

The selection of images will be on view at Sundaram Tagore Chelsea from October 11th to November 10th. For more information:

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