It is World Cup year, so soccer is already in the mind of its fans. ScoreBing is an APP for die-hard soccer fans, offering soccer predictions, live soccer scores and soccer tips for all soccer matches around the world, covering 211 countries, 1492 soccer leagues and 22557 soccer teams.

The app was recently launched in Portuguese and It will be available in Spanish, Italian, German and other languages in next few months.

“When ScoreBing was just launched, I thought most of our users are supposed to be from English speaking countries such as United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and so on. We definitely got hundreds of thousands of users from these countries. However, we’ve got lots of requests from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Russia and even Thailand which urges us to be worldwide.” Jack Lu, CEO of ScoreBing said, “This time, the Portuguese version is dedicated to our faithful fans from Portugal and Brazil”.

Other than its competitors, based on its bigger and stronger data, ScoreBing provides the latest soccer live scores, predictions and tips for soccer fans. You can track all the soccer matches, leagues and teams here. Of course, your favorite matches such as Manchester United FC VS Manchester City FC, Juventus FC VS Napoli, Real Madrid VS Bacelona FC; favorite leagues such as Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A are included. It also provides information regarding alternative leagues from Norway, Denmark, Belgium or even Thailand which are really hard to find in anywhere else. If you are a real worldwide soccer fan, this app is especially for you.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Russia from June 14th to July 15th, 2018. Are you ready for the grand festival for soccer fans? Do you want to track the matches of your favorite teams? Do you want to be a professional soccer predictor? ScoreBing promises to do the job in the best way possible.

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