The President of Brazil, Michel Temer submitted to Congress a proposal to reform the country’s Secondary Educational System.

Temer said that the New Secondary Education System is based on a model that has been tested and approved in more advanced countries. ‘From now on, young Brazilians will be able to choose a curriculum more in line with their vocations, aspirations and plans’, said the President of the Republic.

The projects main idea is to implement full-time education in the country. “Making this enormous effort to implement full-time education in all our schools will allow us to gain much in terms of education for our people’, added the president.

He believes the New Secondary Education System is a strong tool to reduce school dropout rates in Brazil (there are currently 1.5 million youth aged 15 to 24 are neither studying nor working in the country). The project expects that 500,000 young Brazilians will be receiving full-time education by 2018.

The proposal has been receiving many criticisms from different sectors of society.

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