It is no new news to anyone, that Bahia has many charms. Also unsurprisingly the coast of Bahia was blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes of Brasil.


In the midst of the festive atmosphere that the state offers throughout the year, Salvador, the capital, features a rich – and beautiful – architectural heritage. You will find monuments, ancient mansions and churches with many lovely details that will make you lose yourself in front of so much beauty.

In addition to the natural attractions such as beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, tasty fruits and tropical heat, Bahia still offers many other attractions

that won’t let you stand still – literally, since the state is so musically expressive that it works like an invitation to go out and see all its charms.

A visit to the Pelourinho, the historic center of Salvador, is a must. If you like music, prepare your heart because it will beat to the rhythms of the many percussion bands that sing in the city: with concerts, performances by local bands and even praying to the sound of drums.

Porto Seguro

Gateway to the region known as the Discovery Coast, Porto Seguro is a history lesson about Brasil. It was there that the Portuguese arrived in 1500. Between houses, streets and churches, the historic center (Cidade Alta), protected by the National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute (Iphan) in 1973, preserves traces of the beginning of the Brazilian colonial period. There you will find the Discovery Landmark [Marco do Descobrimento], the Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia Church, the Nossa Senhora da Pena Church, Saint Benedict’s Church and House of Chamber and Jail.

The Discovery Coast has luxurious resorts and charming Inns. It is worth taking advantage of the proximity between Porto Seguro and Arraial d’ajuda to spend a few days in the village of Arraial, which can serve as basis for quick trips to neighboring municipalities, such as Trancoso and Caraíva.

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