William Duncan is a retired veteran, and was one of the first 700 pilots trained to pilot military helicopters. Excited, Emilia says: “to be able to hear such wise words, and to see the glitter in his eyes when it comes to the services rendered to his nation was thrilling, especially when I embraced him, I could not contain my tears.”

Washington receives many tourists every day, so Emilia embarked with her family to visit the city and was enchanted with so much beauty and history that the city contains.

“This meeting is simply fascinating; I love getting to know intelligent young people like Emilia who, despite a young age, already has great wisdom and great responsibilities, and of course I have respect for such young people.”

Emilia is a student, and has been allowed to leave school to visit Washington D.C.

“I always studied about the veterans and how they worked towards protecting our nation, but being able to be here with one of them and having my questions answered was wonderful. And it was another dream come true, to have the privilege of getting to know the White House, a house with so much power and stories.,” said Emilia Pedersen.

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