Currently facing an increase in cases of chickenpox, Peru will receive Brazilian help to contain the disease: the country will donate 100,000 doses of chickenpox vaccine to the Peruvian government as humanitarian aid. The contribution was instrumental to allow the beginning of the vaccination campaign against chickenpox in the country, launched on February 23rd at the “Hospital Niño de Breña”, a national reference in paediatrics.

Brazil is a world reference in vaccination, with most major vaccines – including chickenpox – offered to the population free of charge as part of the national vaccination schedule of the Unified Healthcare System (the SUS, Brazil’s universal healthcare system). The Ministry of Health has worked to ensure that the donation will not compromise the supply of the vaccine inside the country. In 2017, Brazil sent 26 and received 29 batches of medical inputs and medicines as part of international humanitarian cooperation actions.


Chickenpox is an acute, highly contagious infection that causes irritation and skin rashes. It is caused by the varicella zoster virus and transmitted from person to person by direct physical contact or through respiratory secretions.

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